It is our great pleasure to present to you the business activities of our company.

We, the team of Gea Commerce-5 Ltd. are presently devoted to growing lavender plants on a plot of land with an area of 130 decares owned by us. Engaged in joint efforts with specialists working at the Institute of Roses and Essential Oil Crops, which enjoys a history of more than a hundred years, we planted several traditional types of Bulgarian lavender: Hemus, Druzhba, Yubileyna, Sevtopolis, which give unique fragrance and bring outstanding certification characteristics for the essential oil.

We expanded our activity by adding another 50 decares of land and in compliance with integration programs of the European Union we took the initial steps towards biological production. Presently, we are in our third year of transitional period as we will undergo a certification procedure lying ahead of us in October 2013. This initiative is comparatively easy to complete as the crops are planted in an ecologically clean area located in the heart of Dobrudzha Plain, which is the granary of Bulgaria and they are far away from any industrial enterprises and chemical pollution. In the last 3-4 years, together with our partners, we planted another 400-500 decares in the area, which allowed us to increase our production up to 3-4 tones of essential oils per year. The process of steam distillation is performed in certified distillation units of our partners. The processed oil is stored in varnished metal tanks, grouped according to various lots and quality types. Our production is already well-known in countries like France, Germany, England, USA, Canada and others.

Through our activity we add a small piece from the big puzzle of the ecological future of our planet. Get involved in it!